Behind the Name Change

Behind the Name Change

I’m a firm believer that moving promotes growth. Since graduating high school I have moved over seven times, sometimes 15 minutes down the road and some across the country. Nonetheless, with each new destination, I have learned an important lesson: In Arkansas, I learned the importance of friendship; in NYC, I figured out that slowing down and finding balance is key; and in Austin, I realized that prioritizing my own needs is necessary in order to become who I want to be.

While this move was unexpected… it was something that had been on my mind months prior to being told I needed to be out of my apartment with 72 hour notice due to mold found behind my walls. Oddly enough the mold was almost undetectable from the appearance of the wall. There was one spot that was minuscule compared to what they had found under the surface.

Isn’t it funny how what is happening around you usually is telling of what is going on within you?

By the end of March, living in Austin felt unsurvivable. I felt stuck, almost trapped, in a city that no longer fit me. From daily panic attacks to not sleeping through the night my mental health had plummeted in a short 6 months. I wanted out of that apartment as much as it wanted me gone. It was incredibly difficult to move away from family, but I knew to help myself I had to go. I moved to Addison a few months ago, and I am in love with what I call my “mini NYC”.

People grow and evolve and mature- and I believe that businesses should be able to do the same. With a new city comes a new name for the boutique: GRWM LTD (Get Ready With Me Limited).

GRWM LTD will allow us all to grow and transform our wardrobes just as often as our lives do. This rebrand is about togetherness and sisterhood. You know that magical moment of womanhood when you’re getting ready together before an event, a night out, or after a sleepover? That is GRWM LTD, leaning on one another when celebrating a milestone or in times of heartache.

The official launch of GRWM LTD will start with the new year!

Thank you to the friends, family, and customers that continue to support me. Y’all are the best🫶

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